KiSS – Keeping Social Simple

Social media for politics and grassroots groups

What tools do I use?

Primary Channels

Secondary Channels

  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Vine (6 second videos)
  • Tout (16 second videos)
  • Meetup
  • Storify

Why are we losing online?

Basic Keys to Social Success

  • Branding
    • Design
    • Nomenclature
  • Plan Ahead
    • Commit
    • Schedule
    • Set goals, expectations
  • Focus
    • Channels
    • Audience Targeting

To do It Right List

Keeping social simple, makes it simple to do it right.

  • To do it right, you don’t have to do it all
  • Consistency : Figure out what you can handle and stick with it
  • Picture it before you post it
    • On Twitter, posts with pictures have 2X the engagement rate
  • Bring people “inside”
  • Find your voice and stick to it
  • Don’t be afraid to take a detour, change the station
  • Be relatable

Free Tools


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